Consignments or Cash Sales

Bring your preloved goodies and display them in our showroom. Or, bring along your items and we might just make you an offer on the spot. Once we have made an offer, consider opting for store credit where 50% credit is given on unsold items or new deliveries.

Charity Donations

Feel free to drop off any donation items at our store which you would like to give to those in need. You can also donate items and turn them into cash sales which will be given to the specific baby havens we partner with as a cash donation.

Short Term Hire

All our stock is available for hire. The full cost of each item hired is due as a deposit. The percentage payback is calculated on examination of the condition of returned goods.

Pocket Money Corner

Our Pocket Money Corner is the ideal place for children to sell their preloved treasures in order to save up for that special item which they really want.

Partner Stores

Our centre offers the perfect setting for special occasions from baby showers to charity fundraising teas. Our partner stores include a nursery, tea garden, book exchange, craft store, bridal shop, pottery shop and beauty therapist. Refer to our Facebook page for discount deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before bringing your goods to us, we ask that you download and read through our frequently asked questions carefully. We'd like to build long-term trade relationships with all of our customers through the mutual understanding of our trade agreement.

Contact Us

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